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Ramblings · on · the · Wind

and pawprints in the sand

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Hey any of my friends who are currently living in, formerly from, or vaguely familiar with the current state of Colorado:

What's Loveland like? I might be moving there sometime soon.


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Word Count: 73,351!!!! I'm so close to my mnimum of 80,000!!!

One of my beta readers has got back to me; THANK YOU, KIM!!!!!!! Your suggestions and comments were amazingly helpful.

I'm starting to turn my thoughts toward the query letter that I need to send to prospective agents. I know the format pretty well, but the content is really hard to narrow down. How to summarize my book in one sentence? Uf.

Anyway, if anyone knows a literary agent who's looking for new people to represent, let me know! I have a couple of names already that I intend to write to, but it doesn't hurt to have some back-ups.

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It's nice to be reminded that I can't do a damn thing right anymore. /sarcasm.

Thanks for that, to all the passive aggressvie shitheads in my life.

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I've been accepted into the 6th Annual Town Center Art and Wine Festival in Virginia Beach, VA! The festival is May 5, from noon-5, and all of you should come check it out.

Link to event page: http://www.neptunefestival.com/events/6th-annual-town-center-art-and-wine-festival/9

I'll be there as Leaping-gryphon Studios, with my animal masks. If you don't know what those are, check out my gallery at http://leaping-gryphon.deviantart.com .

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Well, everything I've written in my novel is typed up.....and....


I'm something like 12,000 words short. Arrrrrrgh! I really hadn't wanted to include an epilogue, but I think that might be required at this point. I have a few scenes in mind to flesh out the last chapter, but the way it's looking I'll need the extra content at the end. Merh.

And now I'm procrastinating by writing this journal entry. I was so ready for this thing to be done! Off to work today, then maybe I can focus on writing tonight.

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This is Riley, my blurry inspiration. Also, I thought this progress shot was kind of neat. The mask is a sandcat, and still needs nose and markings painted in.
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Just a few pic.s from my temporary lay-off (or T.L.O.)period this past January. The first is a fairly accurate representation of what I spent the month doing:

Sorry for the blurriness. I took a picture of this, since I still have no scanner. Activities include, in no particular order: Fightin'! (sword-fighting, really), sleeping, playing pool with my twin brother on our 25th birthday (he is depicted as a raven/tabby cat gryphon), typing up my novel with the fluffy Sam nearby as always, writing that same novel (it's complete, by the way!!), Riley's first trip to the beach (my friend, shown as a penguin, went with us), sleeping cuddled with Max, and Driving Dangerously. I couldn't be bothered to show markings for the gryphons. XD I also had a belated birthday dinner with two great friends, which didn't make it into the sketch page for lack of room.

This next sketch (again, blurry, agh) was inspired by a shopping run in which I was very distracted by The Bargains.

And finally, two actual pic.s.....of Riley being a derp at the beach! We saw dolphins!

He wasn't a huge fan of the noisy waves, but the seagulls were awesome and the scents were superb.
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His voice cracked into an unnatural tenor when the vital organ was wrenched from its home.

Current Word Count: 52,802
Current Page Count: 193
Word Count GOAL: 80,000

And I have at least 40 more pages written out, just not typed up yet. I'm so close!!!!
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Hey there everybody! I've started a blog at http://allvoxoflife.blogspot.com/ which focuses on shapeshifter lore from various cultures around the world. Go have a look. I aim to provide updates with a new variety of shapeshifter every week, cross-examining the multicultural views on this classic theme in folklore. This will ideally serve as a resource for writers who want to feature a shape-changer without getting too deeply mainstream...because, after all, it's not just werewolves!
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So I've finally uploaded the photos from my birthday roadtrip, which was lots of fun. Basically, my brother and I hung out wiht a bunch of his friends, had innumerable drinks, played RockBand (I am wicked on bass), played pool, and had a midnight beach excursion. The drive down there was rainy, which worked because there was literally NO ONE else on the road for 75% of the time. Plus, at times the grey rainy cover was so thick that it totally obscured both horizons, and I was on a road between two beaches. Very surreal experience, and I didn't pull over and take a picture because I'm an idiot.

But I do have pictures of Jockey's Ridge at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. This is where the Wright brothers flew their planes, and they have hang-gliding lessons there today. Those pictures are later in the update, and are behind the cut.

First, a picture of the crazy puppy that has finally discovered the wonders of cuddling. Riley!

And now, a cut! Click for more pics!Collapse )
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